The Best Classroom Management

19 Oct

The best classroom management is a good lesson plan.

I had completely forgotten about this until last Thursday when my last class of the day was on-task working the entire time (well, for the most part anyways). It was a group rotation activity. Craziest thing, they actually asked questions while I was in the front explaining (as opposed to me having to answer the same question about 15 different times) AND they actually read the instructions on the page!!

Of course, it only took 2 days of planning, 8 bags of marshmallows, cutting and taping 2 foam boards, cutting and taping 16 different solids, a tub of cm cubes, transparencies of cm squares, and running to the xerox machine on the other end of campus twice.


There’s a part of me that still loves teaching remedial math. But is it terrible for me to say that I REALLY miss my Calculus kids?? Just one more week til I meet this year’s batch of Calc kids! =)

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