Google Forms

8 Jan

GOOGLE FORMS. Awesome feedback system. I absolutely loved it! It is so much more powerful than simply going over answers with the class.

I took my students to the computer lab yesterday to have them check their blog and readers to make sure everyone was on the same page. On my blog, I posted the link to my worksheet:

When they fill it out and submit it, all their resopnses go directly to my Google Documents in spreadsheet form! =) It looks something like this:

Going over the answers the next day was SO much more interesting this way!

I know there are lots of other contraptions for immediate feedback, but this one’s free. =)

It’s great for surveys or take home tests too. You can easily make the form multiple choice, from a drop down menu, or make room for paragraphs.

** Just go to Google Documents and “Create New” –> FORM. The rest is pretty user friendly! (You just have to find a place to put your crazy link for your kids to find or embed it somewhere accessible.)

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