Teaching Shame

28 Jan

Me: J, why don’t you tell the whole class how many homework assignments you actually did these last couple of weeks?
J: Aww, Ms. Hwang! Why you gotta call me out like that?
Me: …[brief pause. wondering if I was in the wrong.] because you should be ashamed! You obviously aren’t ashamed enough!

This is pretty much my take this new school year. I want to help place shame in the proper place.

Making mistakes – NOT a cause for shame.
Copying hw to avoid mistakes- cause for shame.
Asking questions that others deem “obvious”- NOT a cause for shame.
Not doing hw altogether- cause for shame.

I actually have an unofficial Wall of Shame where I pinned up two identical homework assignments. I also called them out on it by name in front of the whole class. They probably got a little bit smarter on HOW to copy hw, but at least those two will never copy hw in my class again.

Then yesterday, because my class floors were being cleaned, our class got moved to the class next door. On his white board was this:
They definitely made it a point that I notice it. I laughed. Maybe I need a Hall of Fame to match.

One Response to “Teaching Shame”

  1. ms. kim June 26, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    i had so many students turn in their hw assignments without their name on it, but didn’t want to throw their hw away, so i pinned them up in the back wall and called it the “no name hall of shame”. 🙂

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