Calculus Camp 2010!

26 Mar

Since this is on a math teacher’s site, here are the scores differently dissected, but all true:

  • 60% of my class passed last year
  • No one passed the year before
  • One person passed with a 3 the year before that (2007)
  • I had more 4s than 3s on that exam last year
  • Out of the Latinos only, pass rate was higher at 65%
  • Out of those that attended camp, pass rate was 71.4%

Here are some more numbers for this year

  • We have twice the number of students in AP Calc this year
  • We have half the budget as last year
  • We can have more pass this year
  • My secret hope is to beat the magnet scores this year

More true numbers?

  • 90% of my school are Latino
  • This is our first year out of PI after 7 years in
  • 40 out of my 42 students qualified for the test fee reduction b/c of their low family income
  • Most have them have never gone camping before. Never made a campfire, never gone on a hike.
  • All of them want to go to CALCULUS CAMP! =) b/c ALL of them are amazing!

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