Quadratic Shapes and Songs

17 Apr

I was demonstrating what the solutions of an equation like ax^2+bx+c = 0 could look like graphically.

I asked the class, “What is the shape of THIS?” as I circled the ax^2+bx+c in the equation up on the board.

Amidst a few yells of “parabola!,” I heard a very serious response of “an oval“.

I tried rewording it to “what does this graph?” instead, but it was too late. The sentence came out choked in laughter as I saw the round eyed small student who said it. He was thinking about the actual circle that I made around the formula!! As I realized this, I couldn’t stop laughing so hard that I was crying. Thankfully, my class is not the type to take offense but laugh at me and my crying instead. Cute.

Then yesterday, I taught them the Quadratic Formula song to Pop Goes The Weasel along w/ the sign language for it. I’ve never had a class sing so loud! I’ve had a class of 40 sing this before and it was never this loud. They were like little kids singing their hearts out louder and louder! I might not have been a happy choir teacher w/ the result, but I was one happy math teacher!

Other random things:

After singing them the Q. Formula song and telling them that they will have to sing it too, one kid responds, “But I don’t know the lyrics!”

My response, “My point exactly! The whole goal is to learn the lyrics!”

Then when asking them to write the Q. Formula three times by covering each up while they write the next one, one kid goes, “Aww man, can’t I just write it once to the third power? It’s a math class isn’t it?”

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