19 Apr

I had to scan this for a friend today and so I thought I might post it. It’s a template to building a transparent pyramid w/ two standing triangles inside. My kids were having a really hard time visualizing it a few years back so I created this. They had to solve for the sides of each of the triangles in terms of the base, b, and write it on the triangles. I then hung them from the ceilings and they looked really nice! I don’t know where my pictures of them are though so here is what I could muster from Google Sketchup.

It also helped them to solve those problems btw. =)

On the templates (downloadable to the right), I indicate what color to copy them on. Just a note, copy them on CARDSTOCK paper. I didn’t add any tabs. My kids just taped them together.

“Color 1” in this model is blue.
“Color 2” is yellow here.
“Color 3” is the pink one.

The lateral triangles are copied on transparencies so they can actually see through to the triangles.

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