Reciprocal Teaching Protocol

21 Apr

My Calculus class came in today and it was one of those homework nights last night where I know over half of them did not really get. We were finding volumes by cylindrical shells. So I did a little group work rotation thingy and it went so beautifully as it woke up all the burnt-out juniors and checked-out seniors.

  1. I assigned each group of 4 ONE homework problem with the answer. They were to draw a picture, solve it, show all the work, and make sure everyone in the group could explain it. They then wrote/drew the problem on one of the white boards all around the room. (this took about 20 minutes! oops? no wonder they had such a hard time on the hw?)
  2. Every pair from each group was then assigned either as Pair A or Pair B.
  3. For the next 15 minutes, Pair A would stand by their boards teaching those who come by with questions on their problem while all the Pair Bs walk around the class with their homework asking questions and getting them answered.
  4. Then, to allow everyone to get their questions answered, Pair B takes over teaching their problem while all the Pair As walk around.

It was seriously beautiful to watch, and though I don’t say it enough, I LOVE my white boards!! We set up a desk in front of each white board with 2 to 3 chairs and it was so cute watching these mini-classes take place. Over half of them didn’t actually sit, but would stand and point and ask questions.

I think I’m going to review Free Response problems this way for this class. Everyone does 6 problems, each group gets the rubric to ONE of the problems and becomes master of it, then they all rotate to grade the rest! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!

One Response to “Reciprocal Teaching Protocol”

  1. Sue VanHattum April 21, 2010 at 2:46 am #

    This is great! It sounds so simple, but I’ve never heard about it before. I teach at a community college. I’ll be using this in the fall.

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