Camp Gratitude

14 May

A delayed post about Calculus Camp 2010:

Camp has come and gone and they took their test last week. AP Calculus Year 2 is officially over. =(


Lessons learned from this year:

  1. My “No complaining/ No sarcasm” rule was the best new rule this year. I didn’t see those getting to me last year but boy, they did! The sarcasms that used to be bearable and sometimes amusing in one class period was no longer funny up there for 3 straight days. This year, their attempts and their catches at how easily they complain was kinda cute actually, even despite my cold/fever and cold sores from the lack of sleep from the week prior.
  2. A responsibilities list was another amazing addition this year. Being terrified of the numbers doubling and being the only person planning everything AND remembering how many supplies I had to bring last year, I assigned one responsibility per person this year. For example, one person was in charge of my LCD projector, another was in charge of the speakers, three people for the snack boxes, one person for the smores supplies, etc etc. Whoever was leftover was assigned Wed night clean-up, Thurs night clean-up, and Friday morning cabin checks. Everyone had the list alongside the schedule so everyone knew what they were supposed to do. Awesome. I would’ve forgotten the entire box of Free Response booklets if it wasn’t for that list. =) Awesome.
  3. Gratitude is THE attitude. Last year as well as this year, we had to write a bunch of thank you cards to our donors at for helping to support us. This year, we even had a bunch of teachers at our school to thank for supporting us. I think having them write this at the very end of camp and reflecting upon all the things we did that they were grateful for really ended the camp perfectly. They seemed to come back with nothing but the happy memories and none of the pains of the endless hours of studying. =) Gratitude is a HUGE motivator!!

(I swear I taught them the meaning of the saying properly… Maybe he took from it a different meaning that was useful for his life at the time??)

I do have the video that I had made them after camp and before their AP test, but I haven’t quite decided whether to put it online yet. I have permission slips for it, but I have first and last names in the video this time and it being 42 kids this year, I don’t think I want to take the chance… I do have beautiful kids you know. =)

Just know that it was better than last year’s video with more video footage (due to the Flip) and I even had an extras menus for extra pictures and the high ropes footage. =) That Flip is flippin awesome btw. I especially love how I can capture snapshots super easily in really great quality too! I even got the shy ones into the video this way and the Emo ones were caught smiling as well. What can I say? We were all laughs by the time camp was over. =)

One Response to “Camp Gratitude”

  1. Jaclyn May 14, 2017 at 10:54 pm #

    En même temps ils peuvent acheter du coton bio quand on voit leurs bénéfices mais bon je parie que c’est encore le coaosmmnteur qui va passer à la caisse !

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