One of THOSE days

14 May

I hung up on security today to prevent the fight from happening in my face. I called them back and two deans came. The defiance attracted a third dean and the custodian for my two students. Then, after class, another student pushes past me refusing to stay the 3 minutes I held them in for after the bell. Today was one of THOSE days.

And yet, after it was over and done, I find out the two initial kids are living in a shelter and the one who was really out of control just saw his dad out of prison… I mean, this kid has got some major anger issues and yet I can’t help but to feel bad for the kid. I mean, really, I think passing Algebra is pretty low on his priority list. Although I still believe there are times when helping the student find success in a math class can help them feel a sense of accomplishment that will help them outside, I think I’ve finally accepted that sometimes they aren’t quite ready for such help yet.

I keep asking myself what else I could have done to have prevented such chaos today. Somehow I think blatantly waiting for HIM to be quiet was what riled him up to talk more because he didn’t like the attention of everyone waiting for him to be quiet. But what else could I have done? He really WAS the one everyone was waiting for!

I wish I had a class of 10 of these kids. I kind of missed working with such kids, as crazy as that sounds. Today though, too many of the 34 of these kids actually showed up to class. It’s a paradox: I want them to come and at least try/ I don’t want them to come and ruin it for those who know how to try…

What can I do but to adapt to the system I work in?

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