Have some _______

2 Jun

A colleague of mine told me a story today that gave me some great insight into the kind of perspective I want in teaching.

This one young man used to walk in to one of my credentialing classes 10 minutes late everyday with a bag of Carl’s Jr. He would eat it in class, walk in front of the teacher to get a drink of water, and then come back to belch in his seat. This happened every week. The teacher was an older gentleman and he was patient for the first few weeks, but about the 4th week, he pulls the student out and says to him, “Young man, have some dignity.”

When my colleague was telling this story, I finished the sentence in my head to be, “Young man, have some respect.” When the sentence came out as, “have some dignity,” I suddenly had high respect for this man I never met before. In that one word choice, I felt like it showed his unselfishness as a teacher and his care for the student. It wasn’t about him receiving respect, but about the student respecting himself first.

I hope to not just remember and use this one day, but to build this mindset into my system. Thank you mystery prof, thank you.

One Response to “Have some _______”

  1. Riley June 2, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

    This is an important mindset. Thanks for the tip!

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