Silent Matching Game

26 Aug

I originally came up with this for the Geometry chapter on consecutive, alternate interior/exterior, same-side interior/exterior angles, but I find it to be quite nice for the beginning slew of intro words to Geo as well.

Basically, unlike flashcards, the answer or definition to a word does not go on the back of the flashcard, but on a brand new flashcard. Create enough pairs for one student to have one card.

Shuffle pile and pass out one card to each student. When prompted, they must find their matching card… without talking! (I think I made up this last rule to keep it mellow and so I don’t have everyone yelling their word out loud.)

Once they find their pair, they must sit down with their partner. This is how I know to come and check their answers and collect the cards if they got it correct or to make them stand back up again.

Once finished, I re-shuffle and repeat, challenging them to try to beat their old time. I ask students to get a new card if they (or their partners) had already received the card before.

I like this activity to go the day after I throw them about a gajillion new vocab words. It’s non-threatening and I like the way there’s a process of elimination for the harder definitions at the end.

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