Geometry Verbal Vocab and Tools

13 Sep

*update 2* This is, BY FAR, the BEST thing to happen to my Geometry class! EVER!!

*update 1* Having a physical set of flashcards ready is also nice when students come in for tutoring. If I know it’s their vocab that they lack, I sit them down w/ my set and just have them go through it and teach them how to use it (retiring cards they already know and replacing the ones they didn’t).

Whew! Another change for this year. I’m at a new school again this year and feeling quite happy. More details to come later. I think.

As for now though, I am LOVING my new Geometry vocabulary study method and I simply want to share. It’s basically flashcards, but with the whole class. Every class, they start with homework collection and then it’s about 5-10 minutes of this. I simply flash a card on the document camera, call a name, they just have to say the definition aloud.

I’ve tried having all of them make their own flashcards, but they can hardly keep track of them, it takes too long to make in class, and the ones who need it rarely go over them. Such wasted time and resources so now I’m just basically creating one set for all of them!

It’s so simple, why didn’t I think of this before?! Maybe b/c this is my first time having a document camera. (It’s WONDERFUL and worth fighting for if you don’t have one, btw!)

It’s also amazingly nice because it’s only one word at a time and if a student gets it wrong or has no clue, we quickly move on to the next person who can answer it. I just make it a point to go back to the student a few cards later with the same or similar word. For example, if they read that first card to be “line XY,” I might go back to that student w/ the same card OR flash the card w/ the correct “line XY” symbol.

I did initially try to create this on Powerpoint, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Making physical flashcards were SO much faster. My goal this year is to balance my work and social life. =P

Second thing, I’ve been well trained in learning that not all students can provide their own materials, though they are oftentimes needed for their homework. Simple things like a protractor and ruler, for example.

Again, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I simply printed a protractor and ruler onto transparencies and gave them out to those who didn’t have one. I called it my “ghetto fabulous protractor” and I think some of them wanted one simply because I called it that.

I hate how rulers found online can distort depending on how you print them so I simply xeroxed a clear ruler I had. The actual document is in the Box widget to the right. Make sure to check that an inch is really an inch if you decide to print and use it! (My old school scanner doesn’t scan in PDF.)

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