Vocab Scavenger Hunt

29 Nov


I used to hate introducing new vocabulary words.

I still swear by my Verbal Vocab for constantly reviewing vocab words throughout the school year, but oftentimes in Geometry, the lecture on the introduction of over a dozen new vocab words in one class can get so dull, dry, and just boring. Kids mostly tune me out by word three anyways.

But Geometry is all about definitions. Not just definitions, but properties that arise once these things are defined. It’s so nit-picky, but it can’t be ignored. I’ve tried having them create a portfolio, but the thing took me forever to grade and the students were not huge fans of them either.

So I had a scavenger hunt this week instead for classifying quadrilaterals. I normally do this at the end of the school year on a field trip and it becomes a monster project, but I find so much value in it that I keep trying to incorporate parts of that project into the school year.


It’s two in part. The first part is a book scavenger hunt w/ fill in the blanks, a picture, and a non-example (which they are used to doing).

The second part is a photo scavenger hunt. I release them on to the campus in groups of 3 and have them search for the vocab words. They must email me the picture with their team name and an explanation of why that picture works.

It was fun. They had fun. Grading was easy (file after each period, search their name for all their emails) . I hung colored hall passes around their necks. I made them check in w/ me every 15 minutes. Book hunt took 15 minutes. Photo hunt took about 50 minutes.

Assignment is attached in Box widget as Intro to Quads Scavenger Hunt.

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