Properties of Quadrilaterals

13 Jan

FINALLY, a lesson for this section that I’m happy with. I’d say that for the past 7 years I’ve been trying different ways of having students “discover” the properties of the special quadrilaterals (rectangles, rhombuses, squares, trapezoids, etc.), but it seemed like every time I tried they were either terrible at the drawings so that they couldn’t discover the properties or they didn’t seem to have very good ideas of what properties even were.

That second hindrance makes sense to me now in hindsight, but it really did take me this long to figure out that maybe I can give them a checklist alongside the quadrilaterals that I have started to create for them.

And it worked beautifully! I had them work in partners and work through together. They discussed, they asked questions (all the right ones), and they made their “discoveries.”

Anyways, below is a quick snapshot of what it looked like.

  • I did half of parallelograms with them because we had already covered these sections. They did the second half . We then went over all of it and I made the connection to what we had already learned before break.
  • I have block periods. I gave them the whole packet to do in one period, which I shouldn’t have. I should have given them all the parallelograms first, then a bunch of practice problems. The next day should have been the   trapezoids and kites and a bunch of practice problems.
  • Materials: rulers and protractors. One quadrilaterals packet per person, but one copy of the checklist per pair. This helps in getting them to work together.

(My Word doc has a bunch of extra lines that need to be whited out. I’m not going to spend time doing it right now. If anyone does and want to send it back, that would be beautiful!)

One Response to “Properties of Quadrilaterals”

  1. Ivan Cheng January 13, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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