Homework Wheel

17 Jan

There are typically 3 things I want my kids to do when doing homework every night:

  1. Actually attempt the work and show all work.
  2. Correct their work in class
  3. Learn from their mistakes

So how do you check and keep them accountable? Committing to one method always run dry after awhile and both students and myself slack off. I finally found a way that I’m happy with to get them to do this. A homework wheel!

When students walk in everyday, I put up the answers on the board and they all get green pens to make corrections, start the work, and/or work with their neighbors. I just walk around making sure no one is cheating and using pencil. After about 10 minutes of neighbor work or me doing the problems on the board, I spin the wheeeeel!!

  • 2 problem check means I collect their work to give them credit for 2 problems that required work.
  • Green pen logic  means I collect their work and I give them credit for their corrections done in green pen in the beginning of class. (They have to explain what their mistake was also.)
  • Homework quiz, of course, is when I choose two exact problems from their homework and they get tested on it instead of me collecting the hw that night.

The binder check section is actually the initial reason why I even came up w/ this idea. I hate doing binder checks and I always forget to do them, though I believe in the value of teaching my kids organization. This way, I at least will check their binder about 2 out of 15 days (the fraction of that slice).

The FREE slice is just for fun. Though honestly speaking, I think it’s mostly for me. =)

{The wheel itself is just an Ikea Lazy Susan I bought a while ago for a trig activity I never did. I drilled holes onto the bottom and attached it to my wall. This is also only used for my Geometry class so far since it’s the only class with hw that I’m teaching right now.}

One Response to “Homework Wheel”

  1. treevalley January 18, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    less work + specific accountability = happier saner teacher 🙂

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