Properties of Quads UPDATE

17 Jan

I had previously written the update in the actual post on Properties of Quadrilaterals, but realized the summary sheet needed a bit of explaining.

* UPDATE: I’ve added a Properties Summary Sheet to the Box widget that I should have given them after the properties checklist as reference. If I were to re-do this activity, I would give them all 3 handouts, but only have them do the parallelograms checklist–> summary sheet on parallelograms –> practice problems on Day 1. Day 2 would be trapezoids and kites –> summary sheet –> practice problems.

I just want to also point out here that the bullets match up for pg 1, the parallelograms page. For example, the 3 bullets under rhombus that are completely blank match in shape to the bullets in parallelograms. They just have to re-copy it in.

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