The Golden Ratio

26 Jan

I’ve never done a lesson on it, though I’ve mentioned in classes before. Now I wish I could have done more!!

I started by asking them questions like,

  • What makes a body “proportional”? Why aren’t babies proportional? Why aren’t Barbies proportional?
  • What is the standard of being proportional? What am I comparing with?
  • Why is the Vitruvian Man so famous? Why does DaVinci have a “code”? =P

By the time they were done measuring themselves and finding all these different ratios, I told them that over the years, people have discovered one ratio that keeps coming up in nature, even in the human body. This ratio can also be found in the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci sequence is a nice place to have them discover the Golden Ratio and compare their measurements to it because it doesn’t depend on the accuracy of their measurements.

If there was time, we then went on to measuring the face and talking about how the ideal “beautiful” face is said to be  in the Golden Ratio, though this varies by greater amounts. Then we talked a bit about whether a standard can be set at all or not.

What I wish I did afterwards, however, is that I really wish I had them sketch out a Golden Body by setting up ratios equal to the Golden Ratio (proportions). That would have led quite nicely into my next lesson on similar polygons… which I will post possibly tomorrow…

For now, what I’ve got of the Golden Ratio is in the Box widget.

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