Tangent, sine, cosine FLASHCARDS

29 Feb

Nothing all that brilliant in this post regarding the actual teaching of sine, cosine, and tangent… BUT, I do have a couple of resources that might be useful. If not brilliant, it was at least extremely effective. =)

I took the Prentice Hall California Geometry workbook, cut out and combined the tan, sin, and cos problems. I created flashcards with them (of 18 problems) and had them practice just setting them up with a partner. For example,

Then I gave them a worksheet with the exact same problems to actually finish.  Be aware that we only did this after focusing on tangent alone for about 2 block days.

The template for the flashcards and the worksheet is in the Box widget.

  • Print double-sided.
  • The first 4 pages are the flashcard problems.  Print them double-sided onto cardstock.
  • I cut off 2 inches from the bottom and had them all about 3″ x3″.
  • One set per partner. Teach them how to use flashcards w/ partners.
  • Don’t give them the classwork until after they have mastered the flashcards.

As for the trig introductory lesson itself, our Geometry team has been working on adapting the CPM intro of using slope, but it needs a WHOLE LOT of tweaking Especially since our students are not used to CPM, we can’t just throw it at them…

This is coming soon…

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