Triangle Congruence Flashcards

1 Nov

I’m starting to wish every worksheet was available in flashcard form! They TALK about the problems, they ASK questions, they rotate/point to the problems as they explain, they debate, they make up games on their own… and they get to practice a million times over w/out wasting a million paper!

ImageSo with this set, in the BOX widget to the left, they simply have to identify if they triangles are congruent by which postulate/theorem or if it cannot be proven, say it cannot be proven. I gave them the cards right after teaching them SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS. I had pulled out all the ones they did not know yet beforehand. After I taught them HL and the Isosceles Triangle Theorem, I added those cards in and gave it to them again.


Print pages 1 and 2 back to back, 3 and 4 back to back, and 5 and 6 back to back. Pages 5/6, however, are double sets so you only need to print half as many as the other two pages.

I printed a nice cardstock class set for myself (one per pair). Students use this in class and if they need to draw on it to explain to each other, I give them patty paper so they don’t mess up my cards. I also printed out a bunch of extra copies (not cut) on regular colored paper for students to take home if they need more practice.

ImageI threw this last card in today because after training them on how to identify AAS vs ASA, for example, they forgot what these were actually proving to start

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  1. Katy Driscoll Rushinsky November 29, 2015 at 4:55 am #

    Fantastic review!


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