Bad Math!

17 Dec

Bad Math

Bad math! Bad math! Bad math! 

I really hate this workbook! I tutor middle school kids once a week and this is what they came in with. They pace themselves so this is what was supposed to be teaching them? This shouldn’t even get onto paper!!

Bad math! Bad math! Bad math!

And you wonder why this kid was confused!

For all you non-mathy folks, let me tell you what to watch out for when your kid ends up in middle school…

  1. First and foremost, and what trips up the students when they get to Algebra: wrong usage of that dangnabit EQUAL SIGN! (<– Oh, Xanga days! How I miss thee). 0.05 x 100 does NOT equal to 0.05. This is why they have SUCH  a hard time remembering that you NEVER add 6 to one side twice…
    Shoot me now.
  2. A rule w/out any kind of explanation will not stick.  “To multiply by 100, move the decimal two places to the right” is no explanation at all.
    Bah. Humbug.

Publishing companies are the devil.  To math. I’m sure of it. Draw a happy pencil and math does not magically get easier.

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