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And the winner of the Flashcards is…

12 May


After attempting my own templates at creating flashcards on Word and Excel, a student showed me this site and I cried, “HOORAH!!!!”

FINALLY! A website that gets it! At least for flashcard needs.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.08.21 PMPROS:

  • It’s FREEEEEEE!!! At least until you need to upload your own images. Otherwise, it’s $15/ year. I happily paid it so that I can freely use screen captures and whatnot for geometry figures and algebra graphs.
  • They have an APP for it!!! Tap to flip, swipe for next card. Awesome.
  • Super easy and clean spaces for you to put in your words.
  • They have multiple languages you can type in, including MATH. =)
  • Your students can look you up and freely print your sets, or even create their own sets!
  • And my favorite?! They have 5 different print options!!! –>


  • You can’t input images on both sides. Therefore, my cards are not all flipped in the same direction. I print, cut, and rearrange which way they should face, if and when it matters.

You can see the sets I have already created by searching my full name, jinnahwang (or by clicking here). I like to create class sets for them to practice with and have my own set to do my verbal vocab with. I’ve had students often ask me if they can get a copy and its always been clunky in printing out a PDF and then posting it on my website. I LOVE the print and fold flashcards as well so I can quickly print them on regular paper for students who are not-so-web-savvy and they can create them at home.

Love it!

Perpendicular Lines “… flip it and reverse it…”

15 Nov

This is Missy Elliot. She will help us w/ our lesson today on perpendicular slopes. (If you don’t know this song, no worries, all your kids do. And if you really don’t, it will be SOOOO much cooler if you still sing/ rap the lyrics at the end!!)

  1. Give each group/pair 1-3 lines to graph.
  2. Teach them what perpendicular means.
  3. Have them pick one nice point on the line and graph a line perpendicular to their original line.
  4. Ask them to figure out what the relationship between the slopes are of their two lines.
  5. When students look like they’re on step 4, start playing the pertinent part of Missy’s song on repeat (only up to 0:40 in this Youtube video). Point out that this is their big hint. Start singing the important part around the 3rd time (“put your thang down flip it and reverse it…”)
  6. Wait for the big “OHHHH… I get it!” to start spreading throughout the room.
WARNING: The song is quite dirty. I really mean it when I say only play the pertinent part, especially since we’re asking them to listen to the lyrics for the hint… Also, I wouldn’t recommend actually showing the video. Too much of a distraction.